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Posted Jun 19, 2014

The Cascade Youth Renaissance Organization was founded more than 55 years ago with a mission to develop youth into the leaders of tomorrow. Our programs use sports to teach youth the fundamental values of teamwork, leadership, diligence and commitment. Based in Southwest Atlanta,CYRO runs several athletic programs throughout the year including cheerleading and football in the fall and baseball in the spring. CYRO athletes have used the skills honed in youth leagues to earn league championships, high school varsity positions, college athletic scholarships, as well as continuing on to careers in professional sports. The relationship between academics and athletics is an integral part of the CYRO commitment to leader-ship development. Athletes participating in youth leagues are required to meet minimum standards of academic performance. Here parents, coaches and athletes join forces to bolster academic excellence. The Cascade Youth Renaissance Organization is proud to be a partner in the commu-nity’s pledge to support youth on their road to success.

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